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If you want to find the best car storage, you need to consider a lot of things. Some of the aspects you need to consider are location, security, size, type of storage, cost, and much more.

There's a reason why you need to consider what's listed above. Don't worry, I'll tell you why so you can find the best place to store your vehicle.


Having your car close by is important for many reasons. For one, you won't have to travel as far which will save you a lot of time. And two, if you have someone driving you to the storage, having it close by can help them save money on gas.


Most of us have heard of the saying, "Don't park your car in a bad neighborhood." There's a valid reason why people say that. Parking your car in a bad neighborhood greatly increases your chance of getting your car broken into or even stolen.

This is why security is important. If someone can walk up to your car and take what they want, what's the point of using the storage in the first place. You want to find a storage that keeps it safe and protected from anyone.


While most large units can fit a truck inside, you want to be sure that the place you are going to can actually fit a truck inside. This is because some places can only fit a car inside.  Most places will tell you what sizes they have available, so be sure to check that information out.

Type of storage

There are many different types of storage available. You have outside, inside, and even just covered. Typically, opting for inside storage will be your best bet due to the weather. You don't want your car exposed, especially when it's raining hail or snowing.

And while hail repair is generally cheap, depending on the location, you want to be cautious about using outside storage. Hail repair cost around $30-$45 but sometimes it can be as expensive as $75.

And then there's snow. If it's snowing bad outside, you don't want to have your vehicle parked outside if you plan on leaving it there for a while. Doing this can sometimes cause problems such as a dead battery or simply make it harder to start up your car.

One small thing that I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate, not only do inside units protect your car from weather, it also protects it from birds. We've all had a bird release it droppings onto our car before. It can be incredibly annoying and disgusting to have to constantly wipe bird poop off of our car.

Of course, cover storage can also do the trick as it protects your car from weather and bird poop just as good.


The ultimate deciding factor. The cost.

Our cars play an important role in our lives. However, just because they have a huge role in our lives, that doesn't mean we have to break the bank to find a place to store it.

What it will cost will vary from place to place. In order to find the best deal, you should travel around to different places. Again, location is important here.

Just because someplace farther away is cheaper, doesn't mean you are going to save more money. You will have to make up for the longer distance by spending more money on gas which can actually make you lose money.

However, there are some reasons why you should spend more money when looking for a car storage. The main aspect you should be willing to spend more money on is security. The cost of someone breaking into your car or even stealing your car can be a lot worse than paying extra money for security.

Read the reviews

Due to the digital age, it's much easier to leave a review on a product and for other people to see it. So before you decide to go with a place, look at the reviews if there are any and see what people have had to say about their experience.

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