How to Store ATV in Self-Storage?

March 27, 2023

How to Store ATV in Self-Storage?

Are you planning to store your ATV in a self-storage unit this winter? Taking the right steps can help ensure that your ATV remains safe and dry, ready to use when you need it again. Follow these tips to ensure your ATV stays in excellent condition until next spring.

1. Keep your ATV safe from the elements.

The first thing you should do is secure your ATV to the unit. You can use zip ties, shock-absorbing straps, or compression straps to prevent theft and keep your ATV safe. You can also use security locks for additional protection.

2. Add more straps to your ATV if necessary.

If you need more security for your ATV, make sure to add additional shock-absorbing straps. But make sure they don't block the walkways around the unit.

3. Check your ATV's electrical system.

Ensure your ATV is plugged in and can operate during storage. If your unit needs to meet certain safety standards related to the electrical system, check that your ATV is functional to avoid damage.

4. Make sure your ATV is level.

Storing your ATV on an incline can be dangerous. So ensure that it is level during storage. An unlevelled ATV can be unsafe to operate when you pull it out of storage.

5. Protect the tires of your ATV.

It is crucial to keep your ATV's tires dry while stored outside during winter. If your unit has rain gutters and eaves, ensure that the roof does not leak during storage.

By following these tips, you can store your ATV in a self-storage unit confidently, knowing it will remain safe and ready for your next adventure when you need it.

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