How to Store Refrigerator in Storage Unit?

March 27, 2023

How to Store Refrigerator in Storage Unit?

If you're planning on storing your refrigerator in a self-storage unit, it's important to take the necessary steps to ensure its safety and longevity. Here are five easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Empty The Refrigerator

The first step is to remove any food and drinks inside the refrigerator before storage. This will prevent pests from being attracted to your refrigerator during storage.

Step 2: Defrost

Next, unplug the refrigerator and let it defrost for at least three days. Be sure to place some absorbent material, such as a towel or paper towels, underneath and around the fridge to absorb all the melted ice. It's important to defrost the fridge completely to avoid moisture buildup during storage, which can lead to the growth of mold.

Step 3: Clean and Dust Off

Once your refrigerator is completely defrosted, the next step is to clean it. Remove all the shelves inside the fridge and use a soft sponge and warm soapy water or baking soda to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator. Don't forget to dust off the coil magnets behind the fridge as well. After cleaning, sanitize the fridge using a gallon of water and a tablespoon of liquid bleach, as recommended by the CDC.

Step 4: Transporting Your Fridge

When moving your fridge to the storage unit, make sure to keep it standing upright. Laying it on its side can damage the compressor and other parts of the fridge.

Step 5: Finally, Storage

When storing your fridge in the storage unit, place it upright in the same position you use it at home. Make sure to leave the doors open to allow air to circulate throughout the fridge. This will prevent odors from developing and keep the fridge fresh for future use.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your refrigerator remains in good condition while in storage and will be ready to use when you need it again.

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